The proposed Syosset Park Development would transform the former Cerro wire and the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Works properties into a world class mixed use walkable village, surrounding a 30+ acre public park.

On 93 acres, the development will be a smart growth, mixed-use walkable village with:

• The centerpiece of Syosset Park will be a 30-acre public park, on the re-purposed former Town landfill

• Approximately 300,000 sf of retail shops, plus restaurants, a theater, and local professional offices/services

• A 200,000 sf corporate office HQ location – visible/easily accessed from LIE and Northern Pkwy

• Two hotels supporting businesses and residents and their families, within an ideal walkable environment

• Approximately 625 condominiums in six different home styles, from first-time buyer condominiums, to townhomes, to high quality detached cottages

The private investment, public benefit and economic impact of Syosset Park is substantial;

• Private investment of hundreds of millions of dollars • Commitment from Developers to building 30+ acre community park, re-purposing the former Town landfill site

• Commitment to State Brownfield process to convert the former Cerro Wire site into a fully useable property

• Commitment to funds for roadway improvements along the LIE, Robbins Lane and LIRR crossing upgrades

• Commitment to work with Syosset School District for improvements to benefit the District

What will an Environmental Impact Statement do?

1. The EIS will study all of the State required areas of potential environmental impacts

2. The EIS will further compare the proposed Syosset Park Mixed-Use proposal to impacts of:

o The prior Taubman Mall proposal on the Cerro site, and its expected environmental impacts

o “Single Use” alternatives for office and industrial uses, that would be allowed by current zoning


A. Once the Town reviews the public’s comments and issues a Final Scope of what must be included in the Draft EIS, the applicant, and its consultants will prepare the full Draft EIS for Town and public review and consideration

B. Once a Draft EIS is completed, to the Town’s satisfaction, an extended public comment period will commence. Part of that comment period will include a public hearing, or hearings, which will be held by the Town Board to review the analyses in the Draft EIS, and review in detail the proposed plans

C. The Town will evaluate the potential impacts of the project, and direct mitigation measures that must be undertaken to minimize impacts on the community, in accordance with SEQRA (State of New York) rules and regulations

D. All to be done prior to considering , and/or approving, the Syosset Park Master Plan