May 23, 2018


Contact: Maria Alvarado –, (212) 681-1380


Statement from Charles Davis, Jr. Simon Property Group Senior Vice President of Development

Re: Calls for Independent Testing at Syosset Park Site


Syosset Park has worked for five years to develop a plan that evolved from the community and that the community can embrace, one that is not only environmentally safe and sound but that enhances the value of our neighbors’ homes while helping the school district and town with new sources of much-needed revenue. Like our neighbors, we want to be certain the groundwater and soil on this site, as well as the gas emitted from the town’s landfill, is safe as we meet our unwavering commitment to protect human health and the environment throughout this process. As a result, Syosset Park fully embraces the concept of independent testing to make sure that our proposed development project will not adversely impact the environment or the health of the surrounding community and the people who will come to live, work and play at the property.  We’ve heard that message and endorse it.


We recognize that there are costs associated with this testing, and we are prepared to bear those costs so long as it doesn’t compromise the independent nature of the testing. We all want to be assured that credible, and truly independent, individuals are leading this effort and that the integrity of this testing is beyond reproach. The community, which has spoken loud and clear on this point, deserves no less.


We recognize there are other issues, including the impact on the local schools and the best use for the town’s former landfill. We are prepared to work with the neighbors and school district to address their concerns, while our plans for the town’s former landfill are intended to make the property better for local residents. But it all starts with independent testing. We endorse this idea and fully support our neighbors’ calls for action.