Scoping Document

In February 2016, the Oyster Bay Town Board determined that a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”) would need to be prepared to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Syosset Park project, which was presented to the community in the spring of 2015. This establishes the START OF THAT PROCESS.

The Town has decided that a public scoping process should be conducted to elicit public comment to help identify information and analyses. We have submitted a Draft Scope to the Town, which is being issued for public review. Any comments submitted on the Draft Scope during the public scoping period will be taken into consideration by the Town in preparing a Final Scope for the DEIS.

You can submit a comment on the Draft Scope by filling out the form below. Comments will be accepted until July 13, 2016.

Please click here to read the full Draft Scope to the Town.

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