By adhering to today’s strict environmental requirements and working lock-step with the
community and the federal, state and local governmental agencies, Syosset Park will transform
unsightly, industrial parcels into a mixed-use village, and will do so in a manner that will ensure
protection of human health and the environment.

Former Cerro Wire Site

Syosset Park LLC has voluntarily entered into the State Brownfield Cleanup Program for the
former Cerro Wire parcels. We have done extensive additional testing and are working with the
State on the proper redevelopment of the former Cerro Wire site to allow all of the proposed
uses. Even though the approved site was cleaned up over 15 years ago, results of the testing are
being evaluated against the State standards of today, which are 10 to 20 times more restrictive.
Additionally, the Brownfield Cleanup Program has its own public involvement process. Note,
we cannot proceed with the development to build anything on Cerro absent further strict
compliance with the new State requirements.

Town DPW Site

A portion of the Town DPW site contains a former landfill which was capped 20+ years ago by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (“USEPA”) and the Town. Syosset Park is working directly with the USEPA to review and consider the proposed park and parking on the landfill cap. Syosset Park has hired the premier landscape design firm in the area – who have or are working on challenging sites like Randall’s Island, Flushing Meadows, the former Navy Yards on the Anacostia River in Washington DC, and the Garvies Point waterfront public realm. Park development plans will be submitted to USEPA for review, and oversight will be conducted during construction activities to ensure the protection of the landfill cap. Note, we cannot develop the park on the landfill without strict compliance with USEPA requirements.