“We believe great places add to the sum of human happiness. DPZ designs economically and environmentally resilient communities that foster physical and social well-being.”

DPZ creates benevolent places in the form of cities, towns and neighborhoods, which encourage walking, diversity and complexity. Our projects generate the physical framework for a fulfilling human existence. Safe, pedestrian-friendly streets encourage people to walk in and interact with their built and natural surroundings. A well-designed public realm, including “third places”, where people hang out beyond home and work, facilitates the creation of social networks and affiliations. Recent studies correlate the impact of the physical environment on human health and well-being. DPZ’s built projects show that, given the choice, people enjoy living in sustainable communities. People seek out our neighborhoods instead of suburban enclaves because they are environmentally responsible, and because they promote fulfillment and well-being.

We love to share. Giving away our ideas allows others to create happiness and forces us to raise the bar. DPZ regularly appears in the news, delivers keynotes, spearheads movements, and earns awards because we share. We actively encourage all members of our firm to generously speak about and publish their ideas and experiences in the field. To learn more about DPZ, click here.